This Song From A Sizzler Ad In The 90s Is Better Than The God Damn National Anthem

by 5 years ago

There’s no denying our national anthem sucks. It’s antiquated, it’s hard to sing, and it doesn’t perfectly reflect America’s synergistic ideals of freedom and gluttony.

But this Sizzler song from a 90s commercial does. Press play, read along, then tell me this isn’t America. No more singers needed. Just pop this bad boy on the Jumbotron before every sporting event. I could never tire of this.

All across America, a song of freedom rings

A Song that’s growing stronger every day

It tells us when we listen to the message that it sings

Let us lift our voices. We can make the choices

We will make the most of all of the best that freedom rings

Sizzler is the one who brings us choices. Reaching out across the USA

Each and every day. Get a little freedom in your life

All over America, a quiet revolution has been taking place. More and more, both parents are working and raising families. Life seems to be moving faster than ever and Americans have rediscovered, are redefining what’s really important in their lives. They want quality. In their personal life. In their business life. In the goods they purchase. And in the food they eat. They want good, basic, home cooking. Quality food. And they want choices. Variety. All at a reasonable price. Americans want value. 

Sizzler brings the choices that you’ve been looking for

Giving you the right to choose we’re offering much more

By holding to traditions, yet changing with the times.

Choices and selections, choices of directions. Choices that can add a little freedom in your life.

Sizzler is the choice of America. Sizzler gives you choices every day. That’s the Sizzler way.

Get a little freedom in your life.

Wholesome American cooking. Fresh fish. A variety of salads. Wonderful hot appetizers. Tantalizing combination platters, all backed with a new kind of courtesy, friendly service. Sizzler introduces a new kind of dining with two completely different dining experiences in one restaurant. The Grill: with a variety of distinctive platters served at your table. And the buffet court: a whole experience on its own, where you create delicious combinations just the way you want them. It’s a restaurant within a restaurant. With all the value, quality and freedom of choice Americans want. It’s unique. It’s bold. It’s ahead of the competition. Sizzler for the 90s. Exactly what America wants. 

Sizzler is the choice of America. Sizzler gives you choices every day. That’s the Sizzler way. Get a little freedom in your life.

You saying that wouldn’t get you jacked before a baseball game? I’m ready to hit some dingers for my country. Are you?

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