Guy Stops To Take Photos Of Taxi Accident, 3 SJWs Assault Him And Beat The Dick Outta Him, All 3 Get Arrested

So I’ll give you the brief rundown of what’s going on her but below I’ve included the full caption from the YouTube video. In this clip the dude getting attacked is also the person who uploaded this video. It takes place in San Francisco, and in it you can see the guy who stopped to take photographs of a taxi that had crashed into a shoe shine shop. Three fucking pansy ass social justice warriors think that his taking photographs is insensitive and potentially hurts the ‘feelings’ of people involved in the accident, so naturally, the three of them jump him and beat him in the middle of the street. Consequently, all three of this bitch ass SJWs were arrested for assault.

Now here’s the full description from the YouTube video:

A taxi completely obliterated a news stand and a shoe shine shop on the corner of Market st. & Sutter st., San Francisco. Multiple people were critically injured, and these 3 lovely individuals verbally attacked me for taking pictures at the scene.
They thought it was offensive for me to take pictures.
Apparently the potential hurting of “feelings and emotions” are worth more than the actual reality of physical violence.
I am the person being attacked in this video. You can see that I try to stay within my own personal space. I tell the guy to “get his girl out of my face” (audible in video), and then turn around. The male sees this as an opportunity to sucker punch me. I dodge the second attack and slam him to the ground, trying to subdue him. Both females attack me countless times, from punches to kicks. You can see the female on the bottom right striking me probably 15 times in the head, and then kick me in the side. The other female, who was the elder and MOTHER of the the former, started kicking me. I grab her and throw her to the ground, while she swipes at my face with her nails. The whole time I am trying to grab both his arms and hold him down in place until police arrive.
I want to throw a personal thanks to anyone who witnessed this crime, and helped me in any way. Especially the guy who took this video. I find it very poetic that these people got angry about pictures/video and are probably going to be fucked by a picture/video.
All 3 criminals were arrested and charged, litigation in process.
They broke my brand fucking new prescription glasses. He suckerpunched a guy from behind, wearing glasses.

Sucker punched him and broke his brand new prescription glasses because they were butthurt over him documenting an accident?! What the fuck is wrong with the SJWs. I love San Francisco, I won’t judge the entire city by the actions of these fucking pond scum, but GOOD GOD I hope they’re prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

(via r/SanFrancisco)