Skunk Handler Hilariously Pranks Morning Show Hosts With Fake Spray On Live TV

Talk-show segments featuring animals are always the best, because they’re so unpredictable. You’re putting a wild animal on stage in front of a ton of people with bright lights in its face, and despite how well-trained it might be, there’s always the chance something could go awry.

Enter last Friday’s segment on The Morning Blend on KMTV Action 3 News in Omaha, Nebraska.

Preying on that “anything could go wrong at any moment because this is a wild fucking animal in my hands” idea, Kip Smith, an animal handler for Wildlife Encounters pulled off this fantastic hidden water bottle prank that saw host Mike DiGiacomo run straight off set, thinking he was getting sprayed by a skunk on live TV.

Better yet, his co-host Mary Nelson was in on the whole thing.

First off, that skunk is absolutely adorable. Can’t argue that. Second, what a fantastic prank. Nothing like getting your Friday morning started by thinking you’re getting drenched with skunk spray in front of everyone at home watching. Seeing Mary Nelson die laughing at her co-worker’s expense is just priceless, too.

Well played, Kip Smith. Well played.

[h/t Mashable]