Sky Williams ‘A Message to the Depressed’ Is Some Must-Watch Real-Talk

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It shouldn’t have to take losing one of the funniest people on the planet to bring attention to the fact that suicide and depression is a serious, serious problem in this country. You might come to BroBible for links to hot chick Instagram accounts or college party videos or vaguely entertaining screenshots of Tinder text message pick-up lines, but this video trumps all of that today, in my opinion.

Last night I kept observing a bunch of  Internet tough guys pounding their chests like apes in Facebook comments about how depression is the fault of the individual. Seriously, what a crock of shit. Don’t believe that machismo “rugged individual” bullshit: Depression can affect everyone and, yes, it really is a disease that can be treated. The first step for those suffering is talking to someone, which is why you should never be afraid of asking someone what’s going on.

YouTube personality Sky Williams released some must-watch real-talk about depression. Watch it.

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