Teen Charged With Crime After Snapping This Insane Shot From 1,400-Foot Skyscraper

Teen Daredevil Photographer NYC

Instagram / Demidism

It’s all about getting the shot. A 17-year-old kid snapped the Instagram shot of a lifetime — 432 floors above the New York City streets — but the photo could have him facing jail time.

NBC New York is reporting that the NYPD tracked the teen down earlier this week. Known on Instagram and online as Demidism, the teen is being charged with criminal trespassing and reckless endangerment after officials got wind of this photo posted to his account.

The photo was taken at the top of 432 Park, the tallest residential tower in the entire country. The photo is just one of several amazing and dizzying shots the daredevil has snapped over the past few months.

Here’s a few more that honestly gave me vertigo.

H/T Gothamist

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