Dude Gets Legitimately Crushed By A 6ft Water Balloon, Pops It In Slow-Mo Before His Legs Break

I am a sucker for everything The Slow Mo Guys do on YouTube because they’re the one channel that never disappoints. They’ve sucked me in again with their latest clip. In it, they have one of the guys lay flat on a trampoline as they slowly fill a thick, 6-foot water balloon on top of him.

As the water balloon begins to fill up the man is literally crushed under the weight of all that water. With every passing minute, Dan becomes painfully aware of his inability to move. Before long, he begins to fear that the massive water balloon will actually crush the bones in his legs.

Before Dan’s legs give out and snap off from his body he pops the massive balloon. And because this comes from The Slow Mo Guys they film all of the action using an HD 4K camera. We can watch that action on repeat thanks to this animated GIF:

Frankly, I’m confused on how anyone came up with the idea for this video in the first place. I’ve never heard of nor have I seen a 6-foot water balloon until today. It’s not exactly like there’s a ‘water balloon store’ down on Main Street that sells every water balloon size on the planet. This is a very specialized water balloon, and I’m now pretty curious as to how I go about getting one and what some other applications for this ridiculous balloon might be.