Snapchat Just Removed The ‘Best Friends’ Feature To Let You Send Unlimited Dick Pics Without A Paper Trail

In what the company is heralding as the biggest update in Snapchat history, today the company has rolled out ‘Discover’, along with a few other changes.

Snapchat‘s ‘Discover’ is essentially a feed for brands to get all up in your Snapchat, thus giving Snapchat a way to monetize by featuring news and current events.

TechCrunch reports:

Snapchat now has a Discover feature, which will let you see content from brands like ESPN, CNN, Vice and Warner Music. According to the blog post and video (embedded below), users will be able to watch daily stories compiled by artists, publishers, and even Snapchat’s own editorial staff. These stories will feature “full screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising,” reads the post.

In other words, the new Discover page is an always-on, daily refreshed channel guide serving up disappearing content alongside brand advertisements. Media partners include National Geographic, Vice, Yahoo News, People, Daily Mail, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, CNN, Food Network, and ESPN.

But as Barstool Sports blogger and former Guyism overlord Chris Spags points out, Snapchat has also just made it infinitely easier to cheat using snapchat. And if cheating’s not really you’re thing, you can now send dick pics to everyone you know without there being a paper trail on your phone.

Cristobál Spags reports:

So because Snapchat wants to be taken more seriously, they now “indirectly” made it a MILLION times easier to send filthy snaps back and forth with someone without your significant other (or friends or family if you’re a weirdo) knowing. The word diabolical gets thrown around a lot here but for once this fits the actual definition of the word: This is nude-based evil genius in app form.

Without the ‘best friends’ feature there is no way for a snooping girlfriend to pop open your phone and see who you’re sending the most dick pics too…in short, you’re completely absolved of all guilt and responsibility when it comes to Snapchat.

If you actually care about ‘Discover’ you can check out Snapchat’s announcement on it here, but for now I suggest you get off the computer and get to sending those dick pics before Snapchat realizes what they’ve done and brings back Best Friends!