Next Time Your Friend Passes Out Drunk, Don’t Tag Him With A Sharpie — Do This With SnapChat Instead

by 5 years ago


Tagging the shit out of passed-out friends with Sharpies is pretty much a national pastime. People who can’t stay awake need to be taught a lesson and that lesson usually comes in the from of dicks being drawn all over their face and body. It’s just the price you pay.

But maybe there is a better way? A way to humiliate your friends without them having to sandpaper off layers of skin just so they can go out in public again.

This bro found that way. And while his friend wasn’t passed out from drinking — he was just sleeping on the couch waiting for Arsenal game to start at 2am — it applies for when people are in a booze coma too.

According to LadBible:

Fedja Mehiganic was waiting for the football at his house in Brisbane with best pal Luke Martin when Luke just couldn’t wait any longer past midnight.

To keep himself occupied, business owner Fedja decided to start taking Snapchats of his tired buddy.

I’ve got to admit, it’s a genius idea, especially after you see the expert job Mehiganic did.







[H/T LadBible]

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