Chilling Video Reportedly Shows Moment Gunfire Erupts At Orlando Nightclub By Shooter And SWAT Teams

A chilling Snapchat video purportedly showing the exact moment that Omar Mateen unleashed gunfire on the over 300 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

The footage is said to show exuberant partygoers dancing and enjoying Latin night at the gay hotspot. Then suddenly during the joyous scene gunshots rang out. In the final seconds of the video the expression on the woman’s face is suddenly flushed with fear when she realizes that the noise is not the music, but rather gunshots.

Many people were completely unaware the massacre was about to happen when the gunfire erupted inside the loud, dark and cavernous nightclub.

“At first it sounded like it was part of the show because there was an event going on and we were all having a good time,” clubgoer Andy Moss said. “But once people started screaming and shots just keep ringing out, you know that it’s not a show anymore.”

Another video provides audio of the intense gunfight between SWAT teams and Mateen. The frightening footage was reportedly taken from a balcony across the road from Pulse nightclub. An armored vehicle to blast through a wall, then SWAT teams stormed the venue and exchanged gunfire.

SWAT teams shot and killed Mateen shortly before 6 a.m. on Sunday morning, but sadly it was too late for 50 people who lost their life and 53 were injured, many in critical condition.

You can see more news about the Orlando shooting here.


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