Two College Students Fell In Love Over Snapchat, And Their Fellow Wisconsin Badgers Lost It

vikings fan mystery girl

Ahhh, just a touching story of love at first Snap!

The saga of “Vikings fan” and “mystery girl” took the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus by storm over the weekend, as the two fated lovers first discovered each other via Snapchat, only to have tons of fellow Badger students encourage them to meet. Eventually, a location-based story tag “HELP VIKINGS FAN FIND MYSTERY GIRL” was created to chronicle the whole endeavor.

It all started when mystery girl posted on the university’s Snapchat story about spotting a Bro wearing a Vikings jersey on campus, and stated she was “so in love” with him.

mystery girl


Vikings Bro replied shortly thereafter (play on, playa) and IT. WAS. ON.

vikings dude


Spoiler alert: they eventually did meet at a local watering hole, and people across campus lost their fucking minds when it went down.

Man, love in the 21st century is…interesting.

Best of luck to the new (presumed) couple.

[h/t Tech Insider]

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