If It Snows Near You And You DON’T Build This Giant Snow Rollercoaster There’s Something Wrong With You

The worst part of the winter season is that there’s nothing fun to do outside. No really, let’s name all the outdoor activities that don’t require snow:

  1. Ice Skating
  2. Jogging in the ball-numbing cold
  3. Standing outside doing nothing for no purpose other than to get to a #3 on this list

See how fun those aren’t? The only fun wintertime activities require snow, and that’s not always a given depending on where you live. Shit, if you live in Maryland or Virginia you’re basically guaranteed 5 inches of sloppy shit snow falling from the sky, except none of it is packing snow and its only purpose is to look “pretty” and get you delayed from school in the morning.

But for those of you who get decent snowfalls full of packing snow…you best be doing something like this in your back yard. Or front yard for all I care, show off to your neighbors how much of a boss you are and make them feel like a bunch of sad pussies.

[H/T Gawker]