Bro Uses Snow Plow To Get Ultimate Revenge On Masshole Who Won’t Move His Car

The winter has been abysmal. Every day it feels like Mother Nature is taking dump on us — pounds of snow, ice and anything she had for dinner dropped all over the earth — assuring that Spring might never come.

But if we’re looking at the winter with a “glass half full” type approach, it could always be worse. We could be the people in charge of plowing, shoveling, salting and sanding when everyone else is holed up inside drinking hot cocoa and jacking off to Athleta catalogs.

Take this bro for example — he’s in charge of plowing out parts of Boston. He’s not only go to deal with Mother Nature’s shit but the attitude of others. He emailed to tell us about one Masshole in particular who, even after countless warnings, kept parking his car in the alley that needed to be plowed.

Here’s the bro’s explanation as to what happened during the last big snow storm and he’d finally had enough of the guy’s refusal to follow simple directions.

That guy prevented me from plowing a significant portion of that complex which leads to people complaining and bitching at me. He’s not suppose to park there and I asked him to move. I had one day off for a month and a half working 10-15 hour days so my patience was running pretty thin. So I said “fuck him” and plowed his car in.

This video was shot on February 8th and the car is still in the same spot today. This guy and his coworkers have bets going and the over/under line is March 25 on whether he gets his car out.

We’ve already made up our mind but we have to ask: “bro or not bro” move by snow plow guy?

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