Social Justice Warrior Virtue Signals, Berates Lyft Driver Because She Was Triggered From Hawaiian Hula Bobblehead, But Backfires

Who’s ready to hear some crazy ranting from a virtue signaling social justice warrior? It’s so amazingly off the rails and preposterous that it is actually quite entertaining. This SJW is quickly triggered and completely “offended” when she gets into a Lyft car and sees a…


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There was a small Hawaiian hula bobblehead on the vehicle’s dashboard.


Annaliese Nielsen is the poor, poor woman who had to be subjected to such horrors. Nielsen is the founder of “Girls Night In,” which the Daily Wire describes it as:

“A secretive and selective women’s community which she described to ABC News as an exclusive online sorority. Apparently, these women enjoy going out, having a few cocktails, and then hunting for males who will undoubtedly offend them in some SJW rage-inducing way.”

Rebel Media commentator Lauren Southern was given the video by an anoynmous source and uploaded the hilarious/sad video with her commentary. The actual enraging encounter begins at the 55-second mark.

Nielsen was triggered by the plastic doll and immediately berated the driver by saying that he was appropriating Hawaiian culture with the doll.

Annaliese begins the verbal assault with this gem, “You thought that adorable, you didn’t think about the pillaging of like the continent of Hawai?”

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For those fellow individuals who passed 4th grade geography, you know that Hawaii is a chain of islands and the 50th state of the U.S., but it is not a continent. Far from it.

The driver defended himself by saying that he had no idea the harmless doll was offensive or was stealing Hawaiian culture. He said he bought it at the Goodwill Store because he liked it. That was not the correct answer according to Nielsen.

The special snowflake DEMANDED that the driver to take down the bobblehead because it was “deeply offensive,” despite Nielsen being a white woman and not being that of Hawaiian heritage. She said she would give the driver a one-star rating and then threatened that she would do even worse. She laughingly bullies the driver by saying, “You’re going to be on Gawker.”

The jokes on you Annaliese because Gawker no longer exists. It was shut down on August 22 after they were bought by Univision.

She said that the driver will be all over the internet because of his perceived insensitivity and people will even be making memes of him. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead, everyone is laughing at Annaliese.

She said the doll “affects her life.”

It doesn’t.

At all.

The driver happily suggests that he drop her off immediately, which makes perfect sense since she is overwhelmingly “offended.”

Despite just meeting her driver minutes ago, Annaliese made assumptions of the man because she thought he was a white male, when actually he is part Asian. She calls the man “extremely entitled.” You know those damn Lyft drivers, who most likely work a day job and then chauffeur around obnoxious and drunk asswipes at night to make extra money, they’re always so fucking entitled.

She then calls him a “selfish dumbass idiot,” because she is so incredibly tolerant and understanding. The definition of bigot says, “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” Demanding someone remove their property in their own car seems like someone who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

At this point, the driver has had enough and tells her that he is dropping her off. She demands to know the driver’s name and he refuses, which is perfectly within reason because she’s not the police and he committed no wrongdoing. She finally gets out and the driver wisely speeds away from the nutcase.

When you do a Google Search of “Hawaiian Bobblehead” there are various results, mostly females wearing grass skirts and leis who are playing the ukelele. But there was also male Hawaiian bobbleheads. There’s a Hawaiian-themed Elvis Presley in the results. There’s several Barack Obama bobbleheads, to celebrate our current President of the United States who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. There’s even an adorable Hello Kitty Hawaiian bobblehead and Olaf from Frozen.

Maybe more offensive than Annaliese’s ability to be “offended” by a bobblehead is her atrocious vocal fry and that she uses the word “like” so often it was as if she was getting paid to do so.

It seems as though Annaliese’s plans of being a social justice warrior backfired and it was a fail of continental proportions.

This is for you Annaliese. Stay triggered.

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