Soldier Surprises Mother With Heartwarming Yet Odd Homecoming In Emergency Room the latest video at

It wasn’t technically a homecoming because it happened at work, but for Tammy Smith she didn’t care where it took place, she is just ecstatic that she got to see her baby boy after nearly two years.

Army soldier Brandon Smith, 19, has been stationed in Germany for more than 19 months. He decided to come home to Oklahoma during his three weeks of leave, but he purposely didn’t tell his mom.

Tammy, who is an emergency room nurse, was busy at work engaged in a “training exercise.” That’s when Brandon was rolled in on a stretcher from an ambulance as a patient.

His mother Tammy asked for the “patient’s” birthday and full legal name. As she heard “Brandon Smith,” she was wondering about the coincidence when he got off the gurney and surprised her a big hug. The E.R. is not generally the happiest of places, but on this day it was full of joy.

“All my friends lying to me,” she laughed with tears in her eyes. “It feels really good for everybody to do this for me. Thank you.”

Tammy called it “the best gift I could ever get.”


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