How Did He Not Die?!?! Soldier Has Grenade Lodged Inside Of His Skull Surgically Removed (PICS)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: surgeons set up impromptu operating room in the parking lot of a hospital to protect the rest of the hospital’s inhabitants as they performed emergency surgery to remove a live grenade lodged in the skull of a solider. This is exactly what happened in the Colombian capital of Bogota when surgeons saved a soldier’s life due to one of the most intense surgeries ever performed.

Just look at these photos and ponder with me how in the hell this fortunate soul lived:

The soldier was identified as one Luis Eduardo Perez Arango, and it’s expected that he’ll be making a complete recovery and come out on the other end with the MOST METAL scar anyone’s ever seen. Because nothing is in fact more metal than having live grenades lodged in your face and living to tell the tale.

Reports are still murky on how this live grenade came to find itself lodged in the face of a human being but various outlets are positing that it was likely due to weapon malfunction and/or negligence on the part of other soldiers…I only hope that if it’s the latter then this soldier GETS PAID by the Colombian government for his service.

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(h/t MetroUK)