In Case You Thought Some Women Couldn’t Get More Pathetic, Check Out ‘Solo Weddings’

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Japanese women are throwing down hard earned yen to experience the joys of marriage without a dick around to screw it all up.

Cera Travel is offering women “all the glitz and glamor of a wedding, but without any of the attachments.” The experience takes place over two days and includes a dress fitting, picking out flower arrangements, hair, makeup and multiple tissues to cry into during the entire pathetic ordeal.

The package also includes a “honeymoon” night in an expensive hotel because crying themselves to sleep in their own apartment after an entire day of wedding planning just wouldn’t seem right.

All for that heartbreak for just $2,750.

“Businesswoman” Nagi Daisen, 43, told the Daily Mail: “I’ve been in a relationship for years but we’ve never got round to actually getting married. So I decided to do this for myself and it was amazing fun.”

She never got around to getting married but made time to pretend to get married.

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