Uh Oh, Someone Died of a Marijuana Overdose

Welp, that argument may no longer be valid. Because a British woman might just have died from hitting a doobie. Via Metro

Gemma Moss collapsed in her bedroom after smoking half a joint to help her sleep, an inquest heard.

Doctors found nothing wrong with her vital organs but ‘moderate to heavy’ levels of the drug in her blood.

The coroner agreed with a pathologist that cannabis was to blame for her death, possibly triggering a heart attack.

Uhhh, fuck? But also, possibly NBD. io9 dug deeper and checked in with a leading psychopharmacologist.

“Cannabis usually makes the heart work a little harder and subtly affects its rate and rhythm. Any minor stress on the body can be the straw that breaks the camel's back, the butterfly's wingbeat that triggers the storm. Ms Moss had suffered with depression, which itself increases the risk of sudden cardiac death. It is quite plausible that the additional small stress caused by that cannabis joint triggered a one-in-a-million cardiac event, just as has been more frequently recorded from sport, sex, saunas and even straining on the toilet. “

Looks like we are cool. Especially when you weigh weed's history and the one death it (may have) caused with the numerous social ills brought on by alcohol and cigarettes. But that's a logic response. Don't expect that. Expect hysteria. 

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