Kid Yaps To School About ‘Special Medicine’ Growing On Family Farm And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have Kids

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About a year ago, I was chugging a protein drink (braggy) and my kid wanted a sip because kids want whatever the hell you’ve got and he wouldn’t take “no, piss off” for an answer. So I told him “it’s adult medicine” and he backed off. It worked so well I started calling everything I didn’t want him to have “medicine” until one day it dawned on me that “he’s going to tell people I’m constantly taking medicine.”

So now I just tell him “it’s a protein drink and if you want some you better pound out double the amount of squats, you pussy!”

This guy told his girlfriend’s son he was growing special medicine to help people, and while weed does work like that, he doesn’t really have the legal right to grow. He should have given some to the kid so he didn’t yap about it at a school. 

A second-grader’s tales of how he was helping a “farmer” grow “special medicine” plants led to the bust of a large indoor marijuana growing operation in Windsor last week.

Steven Mann, 54, pleaded innocent Monday in White River Junction criminal court to a felony count of cultivating more than 25 marijuana plants. He was released on a $10,000 unsecured appearance bond.

Windsor Police Det. Jennifer Frank wrote in an affidavit that Mann’s girlfriend’s 8-year-old son told school officials and Frank about Mann’s “green thumb” and how he got to help him grow “special medicine that can cure anything at all.”

Pro Tip: Don’t tell your kids anything. In fact, just don’t talk to them.

[via Times Argus]

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