Watch As This Guy Tries A Beer Brewed With One Of The Hottest Hot Sauces In The World, Nearly Dies

The Source Hot Sauce is one of the most potent, spiciest hot sauces in the entire world, measuring a ridiculous 7.1 million Scoville Units. To put that level of spice into perspective, Tabasco Sauce measures a measly 2,140 Scoville Units to the 7,100,000 of The Source. For some reason someone thought it’d be a good idea to brew beer using this insanely fiery hot sauce, and then drink that beer on camera for everyone to see. WARNING: He does throw up in this video (around the 5:30 mark), so be prepared for that.

This is what the box looks like that The Source Hot Sauce comes in:

You can BUY IT HERE ON AMAZON for $98, because I know that after watching this video many of you bros are now eager to test yourselves and see if you have what it takes to stand the heat. The man who brewed this beer claims that it is the spiciest beer ever brewed, but in my quest to corroborate that statement I actually came to find out that there are a TON of spicy beers out there on the market.

I was however unable to find the scoville unit measurements on any of those beers, so as far as I’m concerned this dude’s beer brewed with The Source Hot Sauce is in fact the spiciest beer ever brewed. And because I know some of you bros really want to taste the heat of this sauce, here’s a link to where you can buy it on Amazon: The Source Hot Sauce, 7.1 Million Scoville Units