Dude Takes A Spinning Backfist To The Dome, Discovers What It’s Like To Get KTFO’d With Everyone Watching

Now I’d like to take a moment and reflect on something that I’ve been pondering ever since watching this video: when is the last time you saw someone take their shirt off for a street fight and then go on to actually win that fight? For the life of me I cannot remember the last time I watched a video of some dude take his shirt off and then win.

It’s ALWAYS the shirtless dude who gets knocked the fuck out, right? And it’s not like the clothes are what’s holding him back, obviously, I think it’s just the hubris that goes along with the personality type of a person who wants to disrobe before getting hit in the goddamn dome.

Also, I’m going to just go assume that this took place somewhere in the United Kingdom. I could be very wrong about this though because the person that uploaded this video to YouTube has a thumbnail of Kostas Manolas, a famous Greek soccer player. However, they are speaking English in this video, and it does have a distinct ‘trashy AF with a UK’ vibe to it.

(h/t Leo Nidas YouTube)