Office Hero Compiles Spreadsheet Of Co-Worker’s Excuses For An Entire Year Until He Gets Fired

by 2 years ago
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Anyone who works in an office knows that one person who is always making excuses for why they are either late or can’t drag themselves into work. We all loathe them and wish they would get fired, but other than that we don’t do or say anything about it.

Not this person, however. This person, our office hero, decided to do something clever with his co-worker and all of his excuses. He compiled each and every one into one nice, tidy, hilariously detailed Excel spreadsheet and shared it with the world.

This folks, this is why the Internet was invented.

You know what? As bad as that co-worker was, and he was horrendous, I think I may have just learned a few new ways to get out of work. Shhh, the boss is coming.

H/T Reddit; Fired employee image by Shutterstock

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