Somehow This Dude Didn’t Die Or Paralyze Himself By Squatting 315-lbs While On A Hoverboard Segway

Squatting 315-lbs alone is a ridiculously daunting feat, but then to even think about squatting 315-lbs while riding a hoverboard segway is an insane notion. However Bradley Martyn didn’t just think about this bonkers proposition, he actually did it.

Martyn definitely didn’t skip leg day when he got on one of these glowing MonoRovers that everyone seems to be obsessed with lately and squatted 315-lbs with relative ease. The brave/psychotic weightlifter had no safety pins or spotters as he lifted the immense load while on two wheels. He had such incredible strength and balance to achieve this amazing achievement.

Also, kudos to the hoverboard for not snapping in half like a twig with all that weight on it. And congratulations to Bradley on not dying or suffering any paralysis.