Proposed ‘Stacked’ Seating For Planes Would Let Someone Fart In Your Face For An Entire Cross-Country Flight


Look, we’ve all farted on planes before. Lord knows I have. That’s one of the luxuries of modern-day air travel: the ability to pass mounds of gas without anyone being able to blame you.

That may change with Airbus’s newest design for stacked airplane seating, which could leave a chili-chrushing, girthy Bro’s ass staring right at your face.

Toot Toot Voosh Blarrooommm! His gas in your personal space. You can smell it. Hear it. Feel yourself breathe it in.

I’d rather live in a Gulag then see this come to fruition. Don’t care how reinforced those seats are, or if they are covered with a special, odor-absorbent micro-fabric. Not gonna sit there.

Here’s another pic of a stranger’s ass monster blasting your mouth.


Airbus applied for the patent for stacked seating in Germany and, knowing how much those people love poo, this should be approved in no time.

See you on a plane never again.

[Via Wired]