Take A Tour Of A Star Trek-Themed Home Theater That Cost More Than The USS Enterprise – It Was $1.5 Million!

Marc Bell’s Boca Raton, Florida home includes a home theater in the image of the bridge of the USS Enterprise, the spacecraft featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Bell really likes Star Trek. I think. It’s hard to tell. I mean yeah he dropped $1.5 million on this exact replica of the USS Enterprise complete with full bar, real working doors, expensive memorabilia and giant screen but why isn’t he dressed like Captain Kirk? Isn’t that the sign of a TRUE fan??

You know who doesn’t seem to like Star Trek as much? Mrs. Bell. She’s smiling because cameras but she doesn’t look like she’s overjoyed that half her house is dedicated to a sci-fi franchise.

Maybe she’s just too young to remember Star Trek.

[via Geekologie]