Oh LORD No, Woman Finds This Dead Lizard Inside Her Starbucks’ Latte

by 4 years ago

ABC 15

Earlier today, I noted that Starbucks was adding real pumpkin to their PSLs.

Turns out, a Starbucks in Phoenix, Arizona was already on-board with experimentation, putting a new ingredient in one of its sugar-free lattes.

That dead lizard up there.

Kim Dillon was served the lizard-latte, taking a sip from it before noticing something was amiss. It doesn’t mention if it was the flavor or the rattling inside (and god, I hope it was the latter, because I bet you could never get that taste out of your mouth if it touched your lips), and she returned to the shop to show them.

The Starbucks said it would investigate the incident and offered her restitution. As for Ms. Dillon, she told ABC 15 she is rightfully switching to tea.

Hey, but before you go, here’s another picture.


ABC 15

Yea. I think I’m moving to tea, too.

[H/T First We Feast]