Show Your Mom How Dumb You Really Are By Buying Her This $200 Starbucks Premium Gift Card Worth Only $50


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You aren’t that stupid now, are you?

God, I hope not. But Starbucks thinks you are, and they think you want to show your mother just how dumb you are.

“Happy Mother’s Day! Look mom! I don’t know the value of a dollar! Everything you ever taught me went for shit!”

That has to be the case. Why else would they be selling a “Starbucks premium gift card,” which cost $200 and comes pre-loaded with not $200 worth of Starbucks. No, it only comes with $50 on it.


From the Starbucks website, which has maybe been reading a little too much Goop lately.

Offered for the first time ever, this Mother’s Day Starbucks Card makes an elegant gift with its laser-etched floral details and satin ceramic finish. It comes pre-loaded with $50 on the Card and packaged in a beautiful gift box with matching design.

Yea. That means that’s a $150 card. The card costs $150. It costs $150. It costs $150.

Here, look at it, does it look like something mum would want? (Trick question: No. You mom will slap you for being so stupid.)



Wow. That is …¬†That is maybe worth $10.

[H/T Pho]

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