What Each State Googled The Most In 2014 Shows Utah Is Filled With A Bunch Of Perverts

google search by state 2014


Web site Estately put together the map you see below analyzing the Google habits of each state to determine what search terms were most popular by state in 2014.

As you will see there are many expected results with terms such as Robin Williams, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, Bitcoin, and Ebola making an appearance.

There are also more than a few oddities. Alabama spent a lot of time searching for Jameis Winston. New Mexico had an unusual interest in zombies. And Utah… oh, Utah… Emma Watson nude? Really?

google search state 2014


Below are some of the more notable searches by state…
Check out the complete list of terms by state over at Estately.

COLORADO: Marijuana

FLORIDA: Michael Sam kiss (NFL player) / Michael Douglas (actor) / John Travolta (actor) / Carmen Carrera (model) / Obamacare / Jeb Bush (politician)

MICHIGAN: Macaulay Culkin dead / Kate Upton photos / Ted Nugent (recording artist) / George Will (conservative columnist) / Mary T. Barra (CEO of General Motors)

NEVADA: Mila Kunis pregnant / Bitcoin price / What is Bitcoin? / Cliven Bundy (cattle rancher) / Bill O’Reilly (TV host) / Jose Canseco (MLB player) / Mickey Rooney (actor)

OHIO: Lethal injection / “Suburgatory” (recently canceled TV show)

PENNSYLVANIA: Macaulay Culkin dead? / 2016 / 2016 Presidential election / marriage equality / “The Millers” (TV show)


SOUTH DAKOTA: “The Dr. Oz Show” (TV show)

WEST VIRGINIA: Maroon 5 (band) / Charles Manson (criminal) / Brad Paisley (recording artist)

Google image by Shutterstock