An Asteroid (Probably!) Won’t Hit Us On Halloween, But It’s Going To Come Pretty Dang Close



Is the complete annihilation of all of humanity spooky enough for you?

Good then, because this Halloween could be the most ghoulish of all, with six billion undead souls roaming the Earth after a cataclysmic asteroid strike.

No candy, though.

An asteroid just spotted by NASA is expected to come pretty close to the planet, passing just¬†300,000 miles from us. It’s whipping through space at 48,000 miles per hour, which is fast enough to make a pretty big splat.

While 300,000 miles seems pretty far away (you can’t drive that shit), NASA says anything within 4,600,000 miles of Earth is cause for concern.

So be concerned!

Craziest of all, NASA only spotted this asteroid a few weeks ago, a friendly reminder that we have no idea what is in the sky, and that we can be destroyed at any moment simply because of the completely random trajectory of a space rock.

Happy Monday!

[Via The Telegraph]