Was Steve-O The Glorious Person Who Changed The Hollywood Sign To ‘Hollyweed,’ A Prank That Was Done 41 Years Ago

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The iconic Hollywood sign has been a cultural landmark since it was created way back in 1923, but to kickoff 2017 it had a much different meaning. At 2 a.m. early on New Year’s Day, a man dressed in all black was caught by security cameras scaling the protective fence surrounding the sign. The world famous sign was changed from “HOLLYWOOD” to “HOLLYWeeD” in an epic prank by wrapping cloth around the letters. The “Hollyweed” sign remained up until around 11 a.m. when authorities took down the tarps.

This is a remarkable achievement. It represents the first time a group of stoners came up with an idea, got together, and actually carried out the plan without getting distracted by watching a marathon of Tim and Eric Awesome Show on Adult Swim. The reason for the prank could have been that in November, Californians voted to make recreational use of marijuana legal statewide for those 21 and over.

The media is labeling the person who did this a “vandal” and could face a misdemeanor trespassing charge. Cool your tits MSM. It was a harmless prank and no permanent damage was done. But the question remains: Who did this?

If one was to actually round up suspects for the “crime,” your numero uno culprit could be Steve-O.

The Jackass star posted a photo of the hilarious sign on his Facebook page with the caption, “I don’t know who did this to the Hollywood Sign, but I’m quite impressed they got away with it.”

Or maybe Snoop Dogg?

This isn’t the first time this high-stakes prank was pulled off. Back on January 1, 1976, Cal State Northridge student Danny Finegood altered the sign to be more marijuana friendly using $50 of curtains. Coincidentally, it was the same day California’s relaxed marijuana law took effect.

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