Shoplifter Tries To Walk Out Of Store With Beer, Female Clerk Goes All ‘Oh, Hell Nah’ And Teaches Him A Lesson

If the female clerk responsible for stopping the shoplifter (and ripping the hood off his jacket) in the video below looks familiar it’s because this is actually the SECOND TIME THIS YEAR she’s jumped over the counter and thrown down with an attempted shoplifter. This time the guy gets away, but he certainly loses his dignity (and part of his clothing). I don’t want to give away too much about how badass this chick is, so watch the video and meet me on the other side:

If you think this chick is savage, you’re right. She’s not about to let some punk walk out of her store with beer and whatever the hell else it was that he was holding (microwave popcorn?). And as I mentioned before, THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED INCIDENT.

Earlier this Summer a shoplifter tried to walk out of her store without paying and she and another coworker dragged his ass back inside and held him until the police came. Seriously, she THROWS DOWN in this video:

Her name is Anna, and she is NOT to be fucked with.


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