Apparently You’re Supposed To Store Your Peanut Butter Upside Down If You Want The ‘Best Results’

This doesn’t apply to those of you who don’t eat the kind of peanut butter that requires stirring. If you eat the fatty-fatty-fat-fat artery-cloggin’ goodness that is Jif and Skippy, congrats! There is no wrong way to store your peanut butter aside from lighting it on fire or keeping it in a trash compactor. The world is your oyster, and we are all just peasants to your majesty.

…but if you’re like me and eat the “Omg look at me I am SOOOO health-conscious!” type of peanut butter, then listen up! This shit applies to YOU and I ain’t repeatin’ myself:

You’ve been eating peanut butter for a long time (usually spread elegantly on apple slices but occasionally eaten with a spoon out of the jar at 11 p.m.). But we bet you didn’t know that you should actually be storing it…upside down.

Here’s why. Assuming you’re eating natural peanut butter (sorry Jif devotees), you’ve probably noticed that the oil has a tendency to settle on the top, and requires a hearty stir each time you uncap. Store that puppy upside down and the oils will evenly distribute all the way through, every single time.(via)

Or, if you enjoy stirring the oil in every time and questioning if it’s even really worth it to buy the natural shit as opposed to other brands, you can keep storing it rightside-up like a heathen. I’m not your mother, so feel free to do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

[H/T PureWow]