This Story About A Minnesota Nanny Being Held Captive And Treated ‘Like A Dog’ Is All Sorts Of F’ed Up


So, chances are high that this is the most fucked up story you’ll read today.

A woman who came from China to a suburb in Minnesota claims that she was abused for months by the family who hired her, as they maliciously beat her and treated her “like a dog” after she was beaten so badly that she was relegated to crawling because she couldn’t stand up.

Here are further details of the disgusting story, via the Washington Post:

A Minnesota woman is charged with beating and starving a woman she brought from China to work as a nanny, holding her in a state of “slavery or indentured servitude,” a prosecutor said.

The 58-year-old woman, who is not named in the complaint, arrived in the U.S. on a visa in late March. According to the complaint, the nanny was forced to work up to 18 hours a day doing child care, cooking and cleaning. Police calculate her pay at about $1.80 an hour, but she apparently did not receive any of it.

The woman recently was found wandering in the street, her eyes blackened. A hospital exam found she had many broken bones.

She was rationed crackers for meals and her weight had dropped from 120 pounds when she arrived in the U.S. to 88 pounds, the complaint said.

The Washington Post story also mentions how the victim’s complaint said that she was “never allowed to leave the house,” and she eventually fled the home when her attacker “threatened to kill her with a knife.”

Maybe even more disturbing was what cops found under the victim’s mattress, per the Washington Post:

A bag hidden under the nanny’s mattress contained a large amount of her hair, which Huang allegedly ripped from the woman’s head. The nanny had been hiding it so Huang wouldn’t find it “and force her to eat it,” the complaint said.

The alleged perpetrator, Lili Huang, is being charged with five felony counts, which include labor trafficking, false imprisonment and assault for holding the woman in a state of “slavery or indentured servitude,” according to prosecutors.

Uh, does this sound like the plot of a fucked up scary movie, or is it just me?

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