Be Careful Drunk Eating, Bros! Both Stouffer’s Lasagna And DiGiorno Pizza Have Been Recalled

There’s not a better sensation than coming home drunk, realizing you’ve got a DiGiorno pizza in the freezer, popping that bad boy in the oven, ripping some tubes, then demolishing some self-rising slices before passing the fuck out.

You know what would mitigate that pleasure? Biting down into one of those piping hot slices and getting a crunch of glass, cracking a tooth and slicing open your mouth.

No one wants that, which is why Nestle is recalling the shit out of DiGiorno pizzas, which might have some glass in them. Also in the recall? Delicious Stouffer’s lasagna. Those are like two of the best drunk foods.

Nestle just announced a massive recall of those products, nearly 3 million boxes. Which makes the odds good that you have a bad one in your fridge right now pretty good.

The food maker said the glass may have come from the spinach used in the recalled products. It said an investigation is ongoing.

The recall covers about 2.98 million individual boxes, including four varieties of DiGiorno pizzas, five types of Lean Cuisine meals, four Stouffer’s lasagnas and one Stouffer’s spinach souffle. Nestle USA listed each recalled product on its website, including the production codes on the boxes and the “Best Before Dates.”

No one has reported any injuries so far. But the weekend’s just beginning.

[Via ABC]