Wildest Street Fight Ever? Dude Gets Knocked To The Ground, Truck Runs Over His Head, Somehow He Walks Away

Working here on the blogging/publishing side of BroBible I see more street fight videos in a week than you could really ever imagine. Whether it’s videos sent to me by readers via Twitter or our anonymous tip line, or street fight videos published on other sites, I’d say I see at minimum 25 to 30 every day. So when I say that this is one of the most unique street fight videos in history I really want you to believe me.

What we see below is a quick dusting broken up when a fucking TRUCK runs over one of the guy’s head, and somehow the dude doesn’t die AND he stands up…you’d think it would end there but the other guy then tries to attack him again…after the fucking truck ran over his head:

Seriously, how in the fuck did that guy walk away without having his skull squashed like a watermelon? HOW?!?! I know that human bone is a lot stronger than we give it credit for, and the skull is amongst the strongest, but HOLY SHIT a truck ran over his head and all he did was get up and walk away!

Let’s watch that action once more in GIF:

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Shout out to reader A.Baldwin for sending this my way (via LiveLeak)!

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