Norwegian Court Sets Dangerous Precedent, Rules Man Drugged At Strip Club Doesn’t Have To Pay His Tab

by 3 years ago


A Norwegian man won a major court case today, when a judge ruled that because there was proof he’d been drugged by a bartender at a strip club, he didn’t have to pay his $36,500 tab. Via the New York Daily News:

The unnamed Norwegian man said he has no recollection of the night and only found out about his bill when he received a text in the morning from his bank.

He claimed that he had been drugged at the club and his bank card details stolen. The following morning he filed an official complaint at a police station in the Baltic seaside town of Sopot.

The nightclub denied any responsibility but security camera footage showed a barman slipping something into the Norwegian’s drink.

That’s pretty crazy. I spent … God I don’t want to get into it dollars this weekend at strip clubs in Montreal. Could I now sue? Could anyone sue for any dollar amount?

Sure, what this strip club did was shady as whoa, but where is the line drawn? What about being over served? I’ve definitely been over served booze in hundreds of strip clubs. Do I now have the right to go after that money?

Ehhh. That seems like so much work.

Regardless Bros, when at the tit joint, always keep the head on a swivel. Also, cash. Always, always get cash beforehand.