Girl Who Didn’t Like Her Man Going To Strip Clubs Hit Him With Her Car After Catching Him At One To Hammer Point Home

It’s important for relationships to have boundaries.

Erikka Hope of Palm Bay, Florida believed her boyfriend shouldn’t be visiting strip clubs. Whether she delineated that stance to him beforehand is not for you or I to know, but I’m certain he gets the picture now, after she ran him over with her car.

According to Florida Today, Hope confronted her boyfriend, who was at Pin Ups, a topless bar. She pulled him out of the tit joint and into the parking lot and hit him with her hands. When she got in her car to leave, she apparently had a change of heart, and aimed at him.

Hope was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after striking him with her Toyota.

She is being held on $33,000 bail.

Boundaries, man. They are important.

Have to imagine it looked like this:

[Via Mediaite]