Stripper Is Having A Great Night At Work Until — LOL — The Pole Breaks In The Middle Of Her Routine


Look, I know that most strippers work as private contractors, but I feel like this is an OSHA violation on the strip club. They’re putting their employees in danger by not maintaining proper structural integrity of the stripper pole. Right next to $15 bottles of beer, that’s the most important part of the business. I didn’t even realize it was possible for a strip pole to break — I thought they were one long, floor-to-ceiling pole, not something pieced together in the middle.

She takes it like a champ and is on her feet in a few seconds. But all I’m saying is this — If I was an ambulance-chasing lawyer, I’d reach out to this stripper to see if she wanted to file a lawsuit. Seems like an open-shut case.

Do strippers get injury compensation? I’m so curious about how this works now.

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