Stripper Sexes Obese, Dying HBO Exec Into Gifting Her His Life Savings After Living With Him For A Month


A stripper at the esteemed Scores strip club has coerced an obese alcoholic HBO executive into leaving her most of his estate after knowing each other for just a few months.

According to DNA Info, 31-year-old Veronica Beckham performed sex acts on Micky Liu in an effort that eventually led to him to make her the beneficiary of his brokerage accounts, a retirement plan and a life insurance policy after he died on March 17,2015 at the age of 50.

Liu’s sister, May, is having none of it, according to Manhattan Surrogate’s Court documents.

“Beckham, as a professional exotic dancer, was adept at applying and using coercion and manipulation upon men.”

“Immediately after Beckham met Micky Liu, she preyed upon Micky Liu’s vulnerability by exerting influence over him in the form of moral coercion and by performing sexual acts on and with Micky Liu.”

Micky, an IT director at HBO, met Beckham at a Scores strip club in Atlantic City in July 2014, at which time Beckham was living in a New Jersey apartment on a month-to-month lease.

In a court deposition, Beckham indicated that upon them meeting each other, she and Liu just talked to each other for a half-hour at the club and later hung out at a casino with his friends. The two exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch via texts and calls in the following months.

Just two months after meeting each other, Liu paid for Beckham to fly from Florida (where she was attending to her sick grandmother) to New York to retrieve her belongings after being evicted from her NJ apartment. She then stayed at Micky’s Midtown West apartment until the beginning of October, when she moved to Miami.

While Liu’s sister claims that the two had a sexual relationship, Beckham says that they never had sex and she slept in his bed while he crashed on his couch. She described her and Liu’s relationship as “everlasting friendship.”

Beckham says that she would make healthy smoothies for the diabetes sufferer while he helped her terminate her lease on her New Jersey apartment and paid for dental work, according to DNA Info. While in New York, she was working two or three nights a week as a dancer at a Scores club in Manhattan, but found it hard to get customers due to her lack of seniority.

After Beckham moved to Miami in October, Liu flew to Florida to make her the beneficiary on two more of his accounts. He would also send her cheesecake and other miscellaneous gifts.

Liu died in his apartment on March 17, 2015 from heart disease, obesity and chronic alcoholism, per his death certificate. Beckham, his “everlasting friend,” didn’t learn of his death until over a month later, when his friend contacted her.

She also claims to have had no knowledge of being the beneficiary of any of his accounts.

“I have plenty of nice, great things to say about Micky, but I can’t at this time as the case is pending,” Beckham said. “Just know that Micky was an outstanding, amazing, intelligent person.”

My opinion: Let her keep the money. If my flesh and blood considers someone who gives him hand jobs and makes him healthy smoothies to be more valuable than me upon his death, I’ve been a shitty brother.

[h/t DNA Info]

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