Strippers In Russia Taking Voluntary Pay Cuts In An Effort To Save Their Economy

Vladimir Putin recently cut his own salary as a sign to the people of Russia that certain sacrifices need to be made in order to save their floundering economy. Well, we can consider the problem now solved because strippers in Russia have ALSO decided to take a 10% wage cut as well. Based on that, by my math, Russia ought to be rolling in dough in a just few short weeks.

Of course it makes perfect sense that strippers would want to do the right thing and cut their pay because as we all know they certainly aren’t in it for the money.

Unfortunately, it seems that the strip club business isn’t doing so hot over in Russia these days. Most of their income is reportedly coming from foreigners as one strip club owner stated, “This year, foreigners came more. We expect a number of tourists from abroad, particularly China.”

Thank God for the Chinese. Always there when you need them… to visit strip clubs.

This downturn in strip club visitors has, however, reaped a few added benefits for those customers who do happen to frequent the hot spots as many clubs are now adding extra services such as free drinks, lap dances for couples, and business lunches with a bonus striptease thrown in at the end.

Wait, they hold business lunches at strip clubs in Russia and the economy is floundering? I can’t decide if that makes perfect sense or no sense at all.

Here’s a video detailing the story that is completely in Russian, so yeah good luck, understanding it, but hey, strippers!

H/T Mirror; Stripper image by Shutterstock