Student Pulls A+ Troll Job On Teacher Who ‘Never Actually Reads Our Homework’

student trolls teacher never reads homework


Grading homework and tests must be the most tedious part of any teachers’ job. Checking the same answers on page after page has to be boring as hell. So it’s no surprise that the occasional paper might get glossed over and given a good grade despite some answers being incorrect.

However, Reddit user ProjectBandit claims that his teacher NEVER reads their homework and to prove it he filled out his paper mostly by writing some nonsense for his first answer, a mention of Frodo from Lord of the Rings for question number two, and then filled out the rest with what appears to be quotes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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Well played, ProjectBandit.

As commenters pointed out, they too have had similar experiences.

One former student, Cogswobble, wrote, “When I was in High School, I wrote in the middle of one of my papers ‘Mr. TeacherName, do you actually read all of these papers?’

“He wrote in red ink right next to it, ‘I don’t read all of them, but I read this one!'”

Another commenter, Minty_Moose, related a similar story, “Ehh I’ve had teachers like this. I once wrote the plot of Breaking Bad, which had nothing to do with the essay prompt, and got 100%.”

BranMuffinMan had an even better story, “I had an Intro to Digital Circuits teacher who had us electronically turn in assignments as a PDF. She never graded them only checked that they were there. I turned in 40 blank PDFs for full homework marks.”

A teacher, Frozennoodle, even weighed in, with this startling response, “I have fifty students. I’m not reading all that shit. I go over it in class and mark for complete or not complete.”

So has this ever happened to you? And if so, how great was that?

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