Scientific Study Says When It Comes To Breasts, Bigger Might Not Necessarily Be Better (With GIFs As Visual Aids)

by 2 years ago

Big boobs are fantastic. That’s a given.


However, science says it’s not all about ginormous gazongas. A team of European scientists performed a study to see the if bigger really is better when it comes to the size of breasts. They discovered that it isn’t about the size, but rather the shape of breasts that drives men crazy.


The scientific study was titled “Men’s Preferences For Women’s Breast Size And Shape In Four Cultures” was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, and makes me wonder if you are a scientist why would you choose to study boring shit such as foot fungus or dental plaque if you could study boobies?


The team of researchers did a cross-cultural survey of men from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, and Namibia. They showed the men different photos of women’s breasts and asked the participants to select their favorite pair of fun bags. The results were rather surprising. They didn’t pick the biggest rack, but instead it was the shape of the chesticles that men found desirable.


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