New Study Shows The Percentage Of Bros Who Cheat With Girlfriend In Same Room Is ABSURD



Cheaters, cheaters everywhere…and even in the same damn room.

According to Victoria Milan, a social network designed for cheaters, 64% of the people surveyed admitted to cheating while their significant other was in the same room with only 12% being afraid they’ll get caught.

Now keep in mind this is a study done on a website FOR cheaters and asking ACTUAL cheaters so the numbers are probably slightly skewed. This is exactly like conducting a survey on a website dedicated to fantasy football and asking “how many people here like football?!?”

The better question is “what constitutes cheating” in this experiment? Texting a girl your banging is cheating but is social media flirting with someone you’ve never met cheating? What about just the act of signing up for Tinder? What about banging a hooker while your girl is passed out watching E! News?

Can we be a little more specific on what’s “cheating”? Especially the part about banging hookers in the same room. I’m asking for a friend.