New Study Has Determined The Names Of People That Give The Best (And Worst) Gifts

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Want to know who you should be exchanging gifts with this year? Forget friends and family. You need to find yourself some Rebeccas, Karens, Julies, Pauls, Davids and Marks. All the better if they already happen to be on your list.

How do we know this? Because shopping site surveyed over 250,000 names, added up the number of gifts they purchased and the amount that they spent and BOOM… now we know who to hit up for goodies, baby.

Here are the top 10 for both men and women…

Most Generous Men
1. Paul
2. David
3. Mark
4. Andrew
5. Chris
6. John
7. Michael
8. James
9. Richard
10. Daniel

Most Generous Women
1. Rebecca
2. Karen
3. Julie
4. Sarah
5. Jane
6. Nicola
7. Amanda
8. Katie
9. Charlotte
10. Emma

On the flip side, you might want to skip these folks this year. (Sorry if your name appears here.)

Least Generous Men
1. Adam
2. Lee
3. Ben
4. Steven
5. Martin
6. Ian
7. Matthew
8. Robert
9. Peter
10. Simon

Least Generous Women
1. Patricia
2. Diane
3. Gillian
4. Janet
5. Kerry
6. Heather
7. Anne
8. Hayley
9. Kim
10. Jackie

H/T Independent; Name tag image by Shutterstock

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