Check Out This Stupid Happy Turtle With The Nose Of A Pig That Lived With The Dinosaurs


Victor Leshyk — University of Utah

Would you be happy if you lived with the dinosaurs?

What if you were a turtle?

And what if you had that ugly pig nose up there?

You’d be this guy, and if the artistic rendering of him is accurate, you’d be happy as fuck.

He certainly is. Despite being dead for 76 million years. The pig turtle’s discovery was just announced by the University of Utah, the fossil of it found in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. Back then, in the Cretaceous period, Utah was more like Louisiana, a wet hot climate with rivers and streams. Bet turtles loved that. Maybe that’s why he’s so happy. “Hello! Hi! I’m a turtle!” he seems to be saying. “Even though I look like this.”

The lead investigator called it “one of the weirdest fossils” ever.

Idk about that man. Have you ever seen an Archaeopteryx?

Still p cool though.