15 Incredibly Stupid Trends We’d Like to See Go Viral

Because we’re idea men here at BroBible, we humbly suggest 15 stupid things we’d like to see go viral.

Fingernail Clipping
ZOMG, you guys. Did you see the latest video of the Cleveland Browns cheerleaders clipping their nails? It was SO HAWT. This would have wide appeal because it’s something everyone can do – except, of course, Sayid from “Lost.” Every look at that guy’s hands? Scary stuff.

This one is where you fart in someone’s face and make the noise made by the Pokemon Koffing. It’s both nostalgic and satisfying.

You just take pictures of your knees. There would be lots of zits. A knee is a weird place for zits, but look around … it’s an epidemic.

Ayn Randing
Pictures of people reading the author’s collected works. A highbrow pursuit brought to lowest common denominator status.

Everyone gets crafty and designs shit out of pipe cleaners. It’s a cheap thrill perfect for the right-brained sect.

This one is wear you wear gloves on your feet and socks on your hands. It’s hilarious because that’s not what’s supposed to happen.

Pizza Rolling
Involves tossing scalding hot pizza rolls into your buddy’s mouth from across the room. No pain, no fame.

Doing everything backward.

Everyone rushes out and buys fruits and vegetables in gross, slices them up, and promptly throws them in a dumpster while yelling CHOP YOU.

Making tiny hats and glasses for your pet mouse and making him or her look like Sherlock Holmes.

Using your tongue to turn lights on and off. Extremely unsanitary.

Sitting down with your grandpa and having him tell you about how much better things were when he was young.

Shaving off one of your eyebrows and pretending like it’s no big deal.

Pretending to ride a broomstick like the Wicked Witch of the West. Don’t sleep on this one. Fun as hell.

Going around to local hospitals and asking if you can lend a hand in the foreskin-snipping arena. Results may vary.