Stupid Terrorist Blows Himself Up When His Stupid Rocket Launcher Malfunctions



Chances are he was about to use it to do something senseless and stupid, too.

Not much context here for the wild video the guys over at TFM dug up, but this appears to be exactly what happens when you’re a stupid terrorist and you decide to play around with stupid toys you’re too stupid to use.

Good thing this guy’s jihading crony was behind the camera lens when his RPG decided it wanted to fight on the side of freedom, and went BOOM in his hands!

Annnddddd see ya never, buddy. Perfect illustration of the “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” mantra.

It’s like coalition forces don’t even need to coordinate attacks to take out ISIS’ so-called “media team” because they’re so stupid they do it themselves! Fantastic.

I will, however, hand it to their A/V guy for picking out whatever top-notch camera that was capable of surviving a rocket launcher blowing up ten feet away while still capturing this ridiculous footage.

But on second thought, I’m not entirely sure he has any hands at this point…

[h/t Total Frat Move]

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