Good Riddance To The Employees Of ISIS’ Media Team Reportedly Killed In Syria

As if there’s ever truly a “good day” to be working the media feeds for ISIS, Monday certainly proved to be a very bad one. Reports indicate at least six members of ISIS’ “media team” based in northwestern Syria were killed in an attack by Kurdish fighters and coalition forces.

The so-called media team is charged with producing and disseminating propoganda pamphlets, social media, video clips and radio broadcasts, which “extol the ‘virtues’ of their barbaric ideology and encourage foreigners to join them.” Good fucking riddance.

From The Daily Express:

The group, which included two fighters from Morocco, died in Hasakah province, a key strategic area between the self-styled ISIS capital Raqqa in Syria and the city of Mosul in Iraq.

Though not confirmed by the group through its official propaganda arm, their deaths were announced on Twitter.

Jihadi supporters claimed the men, who were referred to only by their noms de guerre, had been “accepted by Allah”.

I’m sure Allah will be thrilled to accept the terrorist martyrs at his pearly gates, knowing they garnered a salary far-higher than the ISIS’ actual militants charged with the barbaric mass-murder of women and children in his name.

ISIS runs a sophisticated media operation with those in charge of disseminating the hate-filled messages enjoying a higher salary and more comfortable living conditions than low-grade militants.

Like I said, good fucking riddance.

[h/t The Times]