Subway Is Killing The Five Dollar Footlong. All Hail Your New Sandwich God: The Six Dollar Footlong

It’s a sad, sad day for Bros accustomed to getting their Spicy Italian with lettuce, red onions, hot peppers, mayonnaise, spicy mustard, oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper for an Abraham Lincoln.

That’s because, due to rising costs, Subway is ending its five, five dollar footlong campaign, which had become synonymous with the brand since it began eight years ago.

Now it’s gonna be, well, you read the headline. The six, six dollar footlong.

According to Subway, it’s actually been that way for some time; they are just making it official by scrapping the name.

In reality, the price of Subway’s signature sandwiches has been climbing for some time. The franchisor says that franchisees typically charge $5.50 to $5.75 today.

WHAT? (I haven’t eaten at a Subway since I moved to New York, so I guess I missed this.)

From henceforth, the dollar more expensive sandwiches will be known as the Classic Footlong.

Classic because corporations raising prices and ending beloved promotions (what up Dollar Menu) is a CLASSIC corporate move.

The change goes into effect tonight.

[Via Restaurant Business, H/T Digg]