Eat Fresh Bugs: Subway Restaurant Closes After Employee Caught Electrocuting Insects With Bug Zapper Right Above Food

What do you like on your Subway sandwich? With so many appetizing options as toppings, there are so many incredible combinations. Maybe you enjoy refreshing cucumbers on your carved turkey sandwich. Or perhaps you fancy banana peppers on your spicy Italian sub. Well, besides the usual toppings that you are accustomed to, this Subway outside of Indianapolis offers more exotic options. The sandwich store offers toppings such as Zika mosquitos, deep-fried dragonflies, and crisp cicadas. That is because at this particular Subway they kill flying bugs daily so you can enjoy the freshest flying insects on your hoagies.

This professional sandwich artist uses a tennis racket bug zapper to swat to death flying insects, which wouldn’t have been a problem had the restaurant been closed and there wasn’t customers filming him kill bugs. And maybe it wouldn’t be soooo bad if he was electrocuting flies out in the dining area, but HE IS SLAUGHTERING BUGS DIRECTLY ABOVE THE TOPPINGS STATION!!!

Did this dude seriously not think nobody was going to notice him waving around a giant tennis racket of death that releases a loud ZZZZZZIT noise every time you kill a flying bug?

“I cannot believe this is actually happening,” Justin Clemons, the customer who witnessed the mosquitocaust. “If I don’t record this, I don’t think anyone in their right mind will believe this is happening right now.”

Clemons’ video went viral causing the store to close temporarily.

“We truly regret you had this experience Justin, and we are looking into this right now. Food safety is our top priority, and we are working with the franchisee to address immediately,” said Subway in the post.

On the plus side, you usually have to pay more for extra protein.