Bros, The Sun Has Gone Blank, And That Could Mean Bad News For Tank Weather The Next Few Summers

For the second time in one month, the sun has been observed without any sunspots on its surface.

The sun goes through 11-year cycles of surface activity, with the ‘solar maximum’ coming when the sun is awash in sunspots. At the ‘solar minimum,’ it can go months at a time without any. The last minimum was in 2009, which means its now began its cycle downward. It will hit its lowest point in 2020.

What does that mean for Earth? Well it ain’t good for astronauts, who could be exposed to more radiation.

As for on the planet, it’s possible that decreased activity could lead to cooler weather, which means fewer and fewer tanks.

That said, as temperatures on this planet are already spiraling out of control, a modest drop in the mercury shouldn’t stop you from baring those guns.

So fret not, I don’t think.

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